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For Claudia Liptai, Big Brother’s premiere was a hell: that’s why she remained a bad experience as a presenter – Hungarian star

Claudia Liptai managed to play as a junior actress on the series Neighbors, and since then she has appeared in many films and series, and we have seen her on screen as the host of many TV shows and big shows.

Whatever the look, it testifies to amazing professionalism. So that was with the presenter’s first live show, even though the conditions weren’t quite perfect, and the premiere didn’t remain even a nice memory.

First live show of Lepetai Claudia, older brother

– The live broadcast atmosphere is completely different from any other show. There, the presenter is also in a special state of mind, and events unfold.

I really like this genre, even though my first memory like that is Hell

Remember the 47-year-old star on 95.8 Hit FM.

On December 22, 2002, the first Hungarian reality show, Big Brother, was completed, and Eva Barkani was the last to leave the house built on Hungexpo. Pictured by Claudia Liptai, presenter.

Photo: MTI / Máté Nándorfi

His first live show was Big Brother, in which he immediately got into deep waters due to a bug in the helpline, and from the first second he was pointing to himself, he had to improvise.

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“We tried a million times as an iconic group from the show, our eyes open, and I walk over it on a bridge while Tila came from HongExpo. At that time, we were still working on an assistive machine, and we also tried the script many times. We thought everything would be the same. Alright, and it will go very smoothly, but it just didn’t happen.

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– The live broadcast started, I was walking across the bridge when the editor shouted in my ear, “The assistance machine has flown!” As an actress, I remembered the script, I have a photographic memory, and saw the script work on the assistive machine in roughly the same way as if the machine were running and “only” reading it. Although I said it by heart, it was real deep water. The assist machine was fixed for the second group, but my first live experience was a real one with this start, ”Claudia Liptai admitted on her Sweet Two FM show.

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Cover photo: TV2