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For early prevention of cartilage wear

Posture errors are common among students, and a sedentary lifestyle and immobility is a major threat to children’s healthy development. A sedentary lifestyle, which has become popular now at a young age, hinders the automation of proper posture and thus contributes to the development of cartilage wear in adults, the European Union’s National Contact Point and OSHA’s Department of Occupational Safety and Technology (ITM) said.

The European Union Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has launched a two-year campaign against musculoskeletal disorders, which are among the most common causes of inability to work, sick leave and early retirement. As part of the campaign, on April 28, 2021, organized by the European Union and OSHA National Contact Point, “Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace – Gender Problems, Prevention and Treatment.” “Practical opportunities and good practices” organized an online conference to emphasize the importance of accident prevention in Work and occupational diseases.

Dr. Annamaria SomjiDirector of Prevention, Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, Director of the National Center for Spine Medicine, emphasized: “In order to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in adults, information and prevention work must start from childhood. The development of the correct biomechanically correct posture must be dealt with already in kindergarten.The operation is economical if the curvatures of the spine are sufficient, as in such a case, the muscles and ligaments should exercise a minimum strength. If we exercise sufficiently every day As children, we are accustomed to the correct position, we can prevent and delay the initiation of the process that leads to the development of degenerative spine disease. “

It is a societal problem that affects the masses. The effect of a sedentary lifestyle has led to a significant prevalence of maintenance errors among children and young adults, with 62% occurring since preschool age, and the situation only worsens during the school years. Eighty-eight percent of elementary school students were found to have some type of posture defect or other orthopedic disorder in a 1999 survey.

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The human condition is a mechanism that develops in childhood, so efforts must be made to develop, maintain, and correct correct survival early in life if necessary. The Hungarian Society of Spine Medicine launched preventive programs decades ago with the aim of introducing physical education teachers to special exercises to improve posture. This needs to be done regularly over the years in school and preschoolers to automate and maintain the correct biomechanically correct posture which plays an important role in preventing subsequent cartilage wear and tear in the spine.

“Just as brushing your teeth cannot be stopped over time, our muscles must be busy regularly, otherwise they will quickly start to atrophy. Not only do the core muscles need to be treated, but other muscles, even the small muscles, also play an important role. We have muscles that start to contract. Even after skipping a day in gymnastics. These small muscles are not reached by regular gymnastic exercises, so special exercises are needed. “

The side effects of the Covid epidemic are reduced exercise and, as a result, weight gain.

Posture is a dynamic equilibrium state that is maintained by the steady, multidirectional activity of the muscles responsible for posture. This forms a cohesive chain, if a problem occurs anywhere, it affects the whole body, and a well-known example of this is the goose foot. A sedentary lifestyle results in our muscles responsible for sparing and improper use of posture, causing some of our muscles to contract and weakening others. This leads to an imbalance in the balance of the muscles responsible for the posture, which, along with an overload in the spine, can lead to spinal diseases caused by chondrosis.

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The Local Maintenance Program is exemplary across Europe, and is cited by the European Union as good practice. Exercise materials developed with the participation of physiotherapists and physiotherapists are included in the National Core Curriculum, Physical Education Framework Curriculum, Qualification Requirements for Physical Education and Physiotherapists, as well as the objectives and procedures of the Public Health Program. Another goal of the prevention program, Daily physical education It became part of the government program in 2010, became mandatory under the Public Education Act in 2011, and has been available to all students since September 2015, after four academic years of progressive application.

Dr. Anamaria Somji said that more than 7700 physical education teachers have recognized the Special Posture Correction Championship as part of their national program: “We are confident that the restored school supervision system will help ensure that the National Core Curriculum and a renewed physical education framework must actually maintain the curriculum. With all students… it is optimistic that during the professional qualification of PE teachers, the medical expectations of daily physical education, including correcting the correct posture, were included in the aspects. ”

In Hungary, since 2012, all public educational institutions have a mandatory mission A. Promote full institutional / school healthS (tie). TIE is a summary of institutional / school activities that promote health maintenance, effective disease prevention, health-conscious behavior, and a healthy approach. Comprehensive school health promotion for teachers means performing four basic activities to promote health in the daily life of a public educational institution: healthy nutrition, daily physical education, mental health promotion through the use of appropriate educational methods, and the transfer of health knowledge.

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He also stated at the conference that the efficiency of TIE implementation still needed improvement. Mainstreaming educational methods to promote mental health is not yet common among faculty members, and daily physical education (including maintenance training) needs to be liked more by children, and parents should participate better and improve the transmission of health knowledge is yet to be done. Include the subtask in the annual work schedule by one third of schools

“However, this is more necessary now, as one of the negative effects of the Covid epidemic is that we move less, exercise, people gain weight, and children and adults alike tend to use computers and smartphones.” The specialist added that it is worth knowing that obesity is Not only does it increase the risk of many diseases, but it also dramatically changes the vital situation and attitude. “

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