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For five years For Honor players have been begging for it, it’s finally here!

Unfortunately, the joy is not yet complete, but there are encouraging signs.

It’s been more than five years since his release for honor, which is a Ubisoft game, which has been refined mainly for online combat, but also with a campaign. Warriors can fight Vikings, Samurai, and Knights, but so far they can only do so with or against players on the same platform.

However, Ubisoft has just announced that cross-play support for For Honor will finally arrive this month. The system, which will be armed on March 17, will bring the PC, PlayStation and Xbox player base under one hat, allowing everyone to play together, except for campaign, training and custom game modes, including all PvP and PvE modes.

Cross-play is being introduced in two stages, which is why we have a bit of a sense of inferiority. The Ubisoft Brief states that while cross-console games will be available in the first phase, unfortunately we won’t be able to create cross-platform servers, this feature will only be available in the second phase.

Ubisoft also revealed that there will be no voice chat between platforms, but that will be replaced later, and some matches will have to be played until the rating system stabilizes, and everyone now has a rank via Play Friend.

Is this how you give the game another chance?

We still have something to tell you, you’ll find all the interesting stuff here!