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For György Herczeg, the whole thing is more important than the peaks

For György Herczeg, the FTC’s top domestic U20 javelin thrower, the period of the year in which he plans to complete as many is just beginning.

This 17-year-old FTC javelin thrower has a great first half, ifj. Georgy Hersheg, who set an already high bar in February by presenting the 75.9-meter U20 national peak in Gödöllő in his first race. This impressive achievement has always been the world leader in this age group and continues to be ranked 4th in the world rankings. Since then, the frequently called athlete has participated in many competitions and several times came close to his singles record, but has not yet been able to surpass it.

For György Herczeg, health is more important than peaks • Photo: Éva Makó / MASZ

“My first race result a little It was unexpected He says Hope, whose father, Georgy Hertzig, was the coach (as was his brother, Attila), and for a time Olympic champion Miklos Nemeth helps him prepare. – I wasn’t expecting to throw so much at first, I had planned for a similar result in April. Since then I’ve been to a few races and I’ve been getting tired too, but now that school is over, it’s just to train again. Should I have to focus.”

Herczeg did not dedicate much time to studying at St. Olympic Peak at the Gyor Student Olympiad. And in the near future, it will reach as far as possible.

“I set a goal of 77-78 meters for the summer. I can say 80 meters, but I don’t want to rush anything. I will soon have several races where I can improve the individual peaks. Among other things, the big guys will come at the end of June, then the championship Hungarian at my age, there will be a competition for the national team in Slovenia, and in August I want to prove it in the World U-20 Championship in Colombia, the latter is my main competitor. It does not promise to be easy because I know the world rankings and a strong field is expected to gather. But I think that everything will be decided on that day and the person who can be in his head will win.”

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The development of György Herczeg is ongoing, so he can be truly confident that this year he will be an enduring figure on the international stage. There can be no complaints about its design.

“Anyone who tries to be mentally prepared at all times, because they rehearse at work and at full strength even when the fluctuations make their job challenging, will continue to get better. But above all, I think the most important thing is to stay healthy. Because anything is possible.” In the past I have also had minor or major injuries but fortunately the problems have been avoided so far this year.I feel I still have a lot of reserves.Workout normally let’s do it But we also make sure we don’t get overwhelmed. We’re in the middle.”

In the practice of javelin throwing, which also leads the rankings of the Hungarian seniors, you can reach 77-78 meters, but you admit that you have to pay less attention to the line there, as he says: “What matters is what I can achieve in the race.”

The secret that he has become one of the biggest promises of the competition in Hungary with his recent excellent achievements is nothing more than: “I changed my mind in my youth. Until then, we were able to work with my parents, but since then, I have been. I got excited and that was reflected in my results.”

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