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For the first time in six decades, II. Elizabeth at the opening of the British Parliament

Prince Charles has been there several times in recent years with his mother to the opening ceremony of Parliament, but now he is able to read the government program for the first time. Charles began to read every bill he read

Honorable Government …

II. Elizabeth missed the event only twice during her 70-year rule.

First in 1959, then in 1963 she became pregnant with her sons Andrew and Edward.

The Queen had to avoid several public appearances since she was admitted to the hospital one night last October. At that time there was no confirmed information about the problem that the ruler was taken to the hospital. Elizabeth should issue a letter of privilege (patent on the letters) to replace him as Prince Charles ruler.

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The opening ceremony of the British Parliament was of great significance. The Queen goes to the event in a government chariot and goes with the cavalry in uniform. The crown and other royal symbols are taken to the palace in another car.

The ceremony will be officiated by the King in royal attire at the House of Lords, where he will ascend the throne and officially open the new parliamentary session. Then read the state bills.

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