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For the first time, she will be the director of an Italian opera house

Starting on January 22, the conductor of the Ukrainian orchestra Oksana Lenev will lead the Teatro Comuneal Opera House in Bologna, the 43-year-old artist for three years. The significance of the appointment is that Lenev will be the first woman to head an Italian opera house.

Like Lenev He told the Guardian newspaperShe would be delighted and honored to be a part of this historic turning point, but when she called the Teatro Comunale into the position, she didn’t even know that with her appointment she would be the country’s first female director of music.

Photo: Oleg Pavlyuchki

Lenev was the last conductor of the Graz Opera, and last summer She was the first female captain Which he was able to conduct during the 145-year history of the Bayreuth Ceremonial Games. Among other things, Angela Merkel watched the scene where the film “The Dutch of the Planet” was performed under the direction of Lyniv at the opening of a festival organized around the works of Richard Wagner.

Born into a family of musicians in Brody, Ukraine, Lenev was 16 years old when he first performed in an orchestra and then went to study at the Lviv Academy of Music. At the time, even his teachers and most of the bandleaders were men, and, as he said, it was difficult for the musician to move forward. In addition, there were no female colleagues who could advise her. She believes the situation has improved now, there are a lot of women in the bands, and the social situation has also changed, so the female conductor has a better chance of moving forward.

Premiering in Bologna will be a piece by Italian composer Umberto Giordano, who composed it in the first half of the 20th century, but it is also scheduled to feature pieces by his favorite artists, including Wagner, Bruckner, Richard Strauss, Tchaikovsky, and Ukrainian. Composer Boris Litosinsky.

The Teatro Comunale opened in Bologna in 1763 and hosted Wagner as well as Italy’s greatest opera composers. According to Lenev, one of his most important goals is to be able to involve as many young people as possible in the opera house under his leadership.

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