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Forever Skies is a science fiction survival game

The Polish development team includes a number of people who previously worked on the Dying Light series.

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The various survival games still have a huge fan base to this day, so you can definitely get a lot of attention from the recently announced Polish development team called Far From Home. forever sky the job. The program basically says that the story of a creation studded with sci-fi elements plunged the Earth into a global environmental catastrophe, covering the surface of the planet in a layer of toxic dust. Hundreds of years later, we go back and transform the world to find an antidote to exterminate the survivors of humanity trapped in space. Because of his style, in addition to fighting, we have to take care of building, developing, making things and even growing plants, but our daily life can be disrupted by some unknown enemies, so we will also have to focus on battles.

Forever Skies is coming for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and with the early release of the latest release starting sometime this year, we haven’t received a more accurate date from the developers yet.

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