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Former British Prime Minister says EU colonial logic dominates vaccine distribution

Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, drew attention to the fact that while Western governments are already regulating the third vaccine, millions remain completely unvaccinated in Africa.

According to the former leader of the Labor Party, it is a shocking symbol that millions of Covid vaccines manufactured in Africa in recent weeks, which should have been used to save African lives, have been shipped to Europe. only when Africa is grappling with the deadliest wave of infection yet.

Featured on the Brown Guardian newspaper according to opinion Despite promises by Western governments and the European Union that access to a vaccine will be equal and universal, the practice of distribution proves just the opposite.

According to Brown, the health policy of Europe, following colonial logic, divided the world into groups of the rich and the protected, the poor and the weak.

Nothing illustrates this better than the total 4.7 billion vaccines produced worldwide More than 80% went to the G20 countries.
The gap between rich and poor is already so large that while high-income countries have given nearly 100 doses of the vaccine to every 100 citizens, This figure is 1.5 doses per 100 people in low-income countries. Brown continues.

To date, 496 million vaccines have been administered in the European Union, which has a population of about 440 million. Three times the population of Africa, or 1.3 billion people, could receive only 77.3 million doses.

Moreover, while the vaccination coverage for the European and American population is 50%, the rate in India is 8%, and 1.8% in Africa.

The World Health Organization estimates that 47 out of 54 African countries will not even reach a 10% vaccination rate by autumn, so it is not surprising that African leaders are talking about “vaccine apartheid,” but there is no sign of all of that in public discourse. European.
The drop in the vaccination rate also led to the International Monetary Fund, The International Monetary Fund once again lowered the forecast for the African economyWith the promotion of Western countries that were able to achieve higher vaccination rates at the expense of the African population.

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According to Brown, instead of neo-colonial logic, we have to constantly remind ourselves that global vaccination is the goal, as in a global pandemic, no one is safe until everyone has security.