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Former Elder Scrolls developers create a fantasy adventure in an open world, here is the first taste

Julian Levi and Ted Peterson, the former developers of Elder Scrolls, founded their own studio a few years ago called OnceLost Games. At the time, all they communicated with was working on an RPG, but now we’ve announced and detailed the upcoming project, titled The Wayward Realms. The project is so huge, it promises so much freedom, that the decisions of the players will have a huge impact on the world. Nowadays, developers like to express this, but this promise has not been fulfilled several times in the end. With that said, there are interesting details about The Wayward Realms, so let’s move on to it!

The Wayward Realms is an open world, fantasy RPG mixed with action game elements. According to the developers, the options and outcomes are on an unprecedented level of role-playing, all in the most realistic way ever. This will be the Grand RPG, according to the team. It should be left, there is no shortage of sayings here either.

The game takes place in an archipelago of more than a hundred islands (here, too, the expansion is emphasized realistic), where several factions fight for power and influence. Kingdoms struggle to maintain their rule, and dynasties offer plans for generations. The player must be able to play a central role in influencing various events. We can also anticipate battles, and we have to wear gloves with all kinds of mercenaries, monsters, ghosts and demons. Moreover, as we chase fame, we have to cut through many unfamiliar landscapes, such as dungeons and kingdoms conquered by humans, elves, and orcs alike, in the company of other creatures. We will guide you through areas of megacities, deep and dangerous forests, giant mountains, swamps and oceans.

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Throughout the ever-evolving story, the virtual Game Master will also control the events, with different characters and factions responding to us in its format. The developers promise that there will be no way for players to experience the same experiences. We can take on various roles, from associating a thief in the business network of the underworld, to a social aristocrat, to a scientist studying ancient artifacts. In addition, in principle, we will not be able to choose from previously created classes and characters, but we will be able to design our own. This means that we can create our own special abilities and spells, just as we create a faction of our character. Basically, we get a medieval fantasy world, but in principle the knowledge will be much deeper than that, and there is always something to discover.

Anyway, there are already a lot of promises, and we hope that The Wayward Realms will be built according to the details and mechanisms discussed above, and then we will have a very promising RPG. It is not yet known when the game will be released, but your hardware needs are already upstairs on Steam, over here You will also find it with the description of the game.