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Formula 1: Hamilton can have up to 120 GP wins – Ross Brawn

Formula 1 sporting director Ross Brawn said defending champion and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who won the 100th time in his career on Sunday, could claim 120 race wins.

How far can Lewis Hamilton reach? (Photo: AFP)

The 36-year-old has two years left on his contract with Mercedes, whose race car he won at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday. This was his fifth success of the season, and he also won for the fifth time in Sochi.


“Who knows where this will end? I don’t think it will get to two hundred, but it is almost certain to have another twenty wins in it, as it always remains very competitive and amazingly motivated.” He said Lewis HamiltonRoll Ross Brawn, who was the technical director at Ferrari, and with whom he was the legendary seven-time World Cup winner Michael Schumacher In a series of successes.

Schumacher retired with 91 race wins, forty the record-breaking four-time world champion Alain Prost of France and fifty for the three-time World Cup winner. Ayrton Senna The number of victories. When Schumacher retired, Ross Brawn was also among those who thought it was unlikely that anyone could improve the German rider’s record. Hamilton achieved his 92nd success at the Portuguese Grand Prix last year, and the closest currently active pilot is the four-time world champion. Sebastian Vettel 53 added.

Hamilton has now won more Formula 1 races in his career than his compatriot, the three-time World Cup winner, and is the most successful British driver before him, Jackie Stewart Started at all. Stewart started 99 races and scored 27 wins.

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Hamilton won 281 Grand Prix in Sochi, Schumacher started at 307 during his career, Prost at 199 and Senna in 161.

Hamilton is now two points ahead of his biggest rival in the group, Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who made his Formula 1 debut at the age of 17 and has since competed in the 134th GP, winning 17 of them.

The F1 season will continue next weekend in Turkey.