Even though he danced a few times during the training period about to be eliminated, in the end Friday format Move to the second row to qualify for the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Turkey at Ferraris Charles Leclerc, Who could stand in the third starting cube after Lewis Hamilton’s penalty, but he admitted it wasn’t a torch parade.

“We went with a smaller winger position compared to the third free practice, which could be to our advantage in tomorrow’s race. However, the time trial was tough, especially in Q1 and Q2. After that, I managed to score a good lap in the third quarter, which proves that we are on track. In the right direction,” Monaco said after qualifying.

“But to tell you the truth, I was worried about myself too! In the end, we used the settings we had in the second training session, but the track was much wetter, which made it more difficult for us.”

Formula 1: Leclerc will smash the Ferrari Big 2

As for Sunday’s goals, Leclerc does not pursue vain dreams. “We need to think realistically, we are not at the level of Mercedes and Red Bull, no matter how complicated this year is. We are fighting McLaren, so we need to bring a lot of them tomorrow.”

Leclerc and Ferrari have a step over McLaren in that Lando Norris You can start from the seventh position as their teammates start from the second half of the field:

  • He said goodbye already in Q1, so Daniel Ricciardo Next to the name is only the sixteenth time,
  • Carlos Sainz And in his case, it was already known before the weekend that after replacing his entire engine, he would be banished to the end of the network.
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