The 2021 Formula 1 season did not start well for Sergio Perez at Red Bull. In Imola, Mexicans ranked 11th, while Max Verstappen ranked 11th He won the Grand Prix for Emilia-Romagna with a tower.

However, the weekend in Italy wasn’t as bad as it finally turned out: Perez Verstappen could start second, but got caught in tough rainy conditions on Sunday. Overall, Helmut Marco, the sporting director of Energy Drinkers, was not satisfied with the competitor’s work on the weekend.

“It started really well with the timer,” the Austrian hinted on Saturday. “Suddenly it drove the second best time out of nowhere. At that time, we thought everything would work out.”

But things went differently during the race. “I don’t think he managed to warm the tires like Max did. Of course, 11th place is more than just annoying. On top of all that, he started rotating after restarting in the race. It was a very bad day, with poor performance,” Marco Perez said publicly. .

Team leader Christian Horner described him more subtly than he was. “I think it was a very good Saturday. The Sunday race was really getting worse. It’s a shame that he didn’t go out on Sunday, but he will get there in time,” he confident.