Back in the summer, it turned out that Aston Martin had successfully seduced Red Bull’s aerodynamic boss Dan Fallows, who would continue his career as head coach of Sebastian Vettel. However, the case did not go smoothly.

The usual mandatory leave, which the engineer must “take” in order not to transfer new information from one team to another, was interpreted differently by the two units. They couldn’t even come to an agreement, so the two parties went to court.

At this level, the feud appeared in Red Bull’s favour, but on Tuesday the two parties jointly announced that Fallows would start at Sebastian Vettel on April 2. The two teams are presumed to have agreed out of court, but the exact details of the deal have not been revealed.

Christian Horner commented on the announcement, “We want to thank Dan for his years of service to us and wish him all the best for the future.” The Red Bull boss even said last year about Fallows that he would definitely not be released until mid-2023.