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Formula 1: The Turkish Grand Prix is ​​in danger

The holding of the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix over the weekend of June 13 has been called into question after Turkey was placed on the UK’s red list due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Turkey jumps out of losing Canada, but the F1 arena may not travel there either (Picture: AFP)


As it is known, Turkey replaced Canada, which was eliminated last month, on the race calendar, in the original time, after strict entry restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic, which made it impossible to set the date of the race.

Now, however, the With the Turkish Grand Prix Similar concerns have emerged regarding the country’s inclusion in the UK’s Red List due to the worsening pandemic situation. This might also seriously damage the King class because seven out of ten teams are located in the Island Country.

Formula 1 management has also responded to the news, saying it will assess the situation and provide more details in the coming days.

However, not only is the timing of the Istanbul competition uncertain, the postponement of the Australian Grand Prix until the end of November for similar reasons is also in doubt, and Singapore, Japan, Brazil and Mexico may be at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic. Grand Prix season.

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