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Fortnite copied the hit game between us

It was better to collaborate with the creators.

It was such a big surprise with yesterday’s Fortnite update that one of them became available impersonators The new mode in the game is called. Unrelated to the basic battle royale game, Epic has been somewhat copied with Us with its few changes and unique ideas, which has been such a huge success in the last year that it didn’t even bother to change the terminology used.

Fraudsters take place in a mode specially developed for this mode, in which a total of ten players perform tasks, two of whom are secretly trying to sabotage the others. This type of inference game was not created by us, and it didn’t add much of its own, but when designing Impostors, it’s clear that Epic designers took the successful indie game as a model.

Another interesting thing about this issue is that Us Us was freely available in the free promotion of the Epic Games Store.

Among the Usersloth, a couple of developers from Innersloth also noted that they had a hard break with Epic’s work, leaving the risk to others’ success at risk, but feeling that company officials didn’t put the minimum effort into the project. Clones Not far from Epic, the Fortnite battle royale game was inspired by PUBG, but then managed to add so much to its own product that there is no way to speak of cloning.

The current state of bad taste could have been avoided if Epic had created an Impostors mode between it and the “Between Us” developers with some kind of easy deal, which would have been mutually beneficial to the companies in terms of advertising.

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