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Found Alexa’s voice through a long search

The voice of the speech assistant is friendly, calm and restrained. All this is not due to chance.

Wired details mentioned Bad Stone journalist from his book Amazon Unrestricted, from him It turns out that it isFinding Alexa voice was the result of a very complicated and lengthy process. The sound of the program is partly artificial, but it is based on the speech of a real person, artist Nina Rolle. The Boulder woman was chosen by an Amazon specialist and the team she led after listening to various audio recordings for months. Sound samples that better meet expectations were also shown to Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder and CEO, and then further testing was conducted before the final decision was made.

The role of Rolle emerged after comparing Alexa’s voice to female voice recordings, including an advertisement for Cherry Creek North in which she speaks, and she also promoted a community app called Hapyn. The last substance was also a stimulant. Amazon modified the recorded audio with various editing programs and then tuned in. According to Bad Stone, the resemblance can be clearly recognized.

Neither Rolle nor Amazon wanted to confirm the information, and The Verge could not find an explanation for how the decision was made. The decision is also incomprehensible because, for example, in the case of Apple’s Siri system, the person in question, Susan Bennett, took over after a while.

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