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Founded when the Vikings arrived in North America

Using a new dating technique, Dutch researchers have determined when the Vikings could reach North America: Examining wood used for homes in a Viking village once discovered in Lancy-o-Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada, they concluded that the area was taken in 1021. It was owned by sailors from Europe .

The strong solar flare has become the reference point

It is the only settlement in North America outside Greenland that has been proven to have been established by the Vikings. The remains of the village were discovered as early as the 1960’s, and long-term excavations have confirmed that the town’s houses are the oldest architectural structures of European origin in North America, erected sometime in the 11th century.

The Vikings were the most experienced cruisers in the early Middle AgesSource: Shutterstock

Using the solar flare of 992 as a reference point, and using a new dating technique, researchers at the University of Groningen found that

That 471 years before the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, the first European sailors arrived in the region.

Historians date the Vikings to 793-1066, during which time Scandinavian sailors crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times.

The wrought iron Björn and his partner Hastein in the popular series The VikingsSource: IMBD

With conventional radiocarbon dating, archaeologists have not been able to determine the exact age of the Newfoundland settlement.

They could have spent less than a decade in the New World

Determining the new age is based on the fact that the “fingerprints” of solar flares appear in the year’s rings of trees.

It is known that a large solar flare occurred in 992.

In wood samples from the settlement, which came from three different trees, the researchers showed that 29-year rings formed in the post-sun period.

The Vikings were excellent sailorsSource: YouTube

The non-native aborigines cut down these trees because there was evidence of metal blades that didn’t yet exist, explained Michael D., temper nature He is the lead author of a study published in the scientific journal. It is not known how long the Vikings could have stayed in the area, perhaps for a decade or less, and there were probably about a hundred Scandinavians present at the same time.

Remains of an old abandoned Viking settlement in GreenlandSource: James Barrett

L’Anse aux Meadows added that the buildings are similar to those built by the Vikings in Greenland and Iceland, which consist of at least eight buildings, including a blacksmith’s workshop and a smelter, as well as a sawmill produced for the shipyard.

(Source: MTI / Reuters / dpa / AFP)

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