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Four-year-old Prince Louis is naughty like other preschoolers – VIDEO

The youngest children of William and Catherine are already masters of the clown.

We rarely get a glimpse into the lives of Cambridge folks, and now we’re not talking about a bunch of headlines-wanting photos, but the moments where an ordinary family, ordinary parents, ordinary naughty children can at first glance.

William in Windsor, II. They spent the Easter holiday with Elizabeth, and a video of their ardent fans camping next to the castle was posted online.

In the few minutes of the shot, little Prince Lajos ran around the family car while Catalin packed it in the trunk, but at some point Lagos decided he wanted to travel in the trunk too and did his best to climb into the back of the SUV. . Her mother was also there to help, carrying her and putting her baby in the bags.

A few seconds later, Prince William also appeared in the photo, climbing into the left back seat of the car and tying up six-year-old Sarolta. Meanwhile, the young heir to the throne, Prince George, had arrived with a backpack on his back and sat next to his sister. It is assumed that Lajos also joined his siblings through the trunk, as it is not shown in the video that anyone took the young prince from behind.

By the way, Lagos celebrates its fourth birthday on Saturday, On the official Cambridge Instagram page It is tradition to revive the famous seedlings with a new image.