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Fourth wave unexpected blessing

According to the virus researcher, high vaccination and warm, dry summers can protect us from another pandemic.

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Nobody might think about fall during the heat wave and the holidays, but many of us are wondering if there will be a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic as the colder months arrive. The forecasts of virologist and university professor Miklos Rosvay are somewhat reassuring. He pointed to the north that in his opinion there would be no more waves in the fall, at most a small one.

He’s been here for six weeks

– With the increase in the number of cases, we certainly have to reckon with the second half of October, when the respiratory season begins. Humid autumn weather helps spread viruses. However, I do not think that the number of infections will rise so much that we can talk about an epidemic, the expert said.

We have heard a lot in recent weeks about the so-called delta variant, which originated in India, causing the number of infected people to rise again in many countries.

Miklós Rusvai explained in this regard: If this substitute had wanted to cause serious problems in Hungary, he would have caused it, as is the case here six weeks ago. However, it is hoped to have a high home vaccination and warm, dry weather that the virus does not like. However, it is worrying that it is here in the country at all, but also the restrictive measures will be lifted respectively, which is why people with different immune backgrounds will gather at mass events. After all, there are those who are protected, and some who are not, or only to a lesser degree. These are all risk factors, according to the virus researcher.

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you can travel

Miklos Rosvay added that although vaccination and the healthcare system are high in Israel, Portugal and the United Kingdom, the number of infected people in these countries is still rising due to the delta variable. However, it must be added that it causes disease among those who have not been vaccinated. And there is no particular concern, because the situation in these countries is not critical.

Miklós Rusvai encourages everyone to take advantage of summer travel and vacation opportunities, as it is now possible.

– We can plan domestic and foreign trips, as the epidemiological situation is favourable. If someone vaccinates himself, has a security card and is accepted in the country he wants to travel to, feel free to go. Everyone is enjoying the few months left until fall, he said.

We also asked him how long the protection we got from the vaccine lasts. As he said, this varies from individual to individual. Some have already rang, others will persist until next spring. However, in his opinion, a third vaccination will be required, but no one can say to whom and when it will be given. Currently, there is no vaccine approved for the third vaccination because current vaccines can only be used for so-called primary immunizations. Investigations into this matter are still ongoing, but have not yet been completed.

“My hope is that by the fall, when there is a need, the tests will produce results,” the viral researcher noted.

Sputnik is an exception

We were also asked why the European Medicines Agency (EMA) did not authorize the Sputnik V vaccine. The permit would be important to us, as thousands of people have been vaccinated with it in Hungary as well.

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Miklós Rusvai emphasized that it was not the vaccine that was wrong, but the fact that the manufacturer had not yet submitted all the documents to the European Medicines Agency. The agency called on the vaccine manufacturer to correct the deficiencies.

“However, there is no need to worry about anyone who has received a Russian vaccine.” This vaccine has been shown to have a very good immunization experience. However, the expert said that the manufacturer must fulfill its management obligations in order for the Sputnik V to be widely accepted.

(On the cover photo: The mask was removed in public for the summer, and it is not yet known if it will be needed again in the fall)