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Frady was fined 31 million HUF and closed to the public

UEFA hit Ferencvaros with a fine and sector closure due to fan disturbances during a successful Champions League qualifier against Slovan Bratislava, MTI reports.

The Explanation can be found on the UEFA website According to the Hungarian champion, he must pay a total of 79,000 euros (about 31.1 million HUF), of which

  • 15,000 because of racist expressions,
  • 50,000 due to the use of pyrotechnic devices, throwing various objects, physical damage, the use of provocative rhymes,
  • And another 14,000 due to the closure of public traffic lanes.

As part of the penalty, Ferencvaros will have to lock down a sector capable of holding at least 1,000 people in position B for the next home international match, where they will also have to put up an anti-racism flag with the inscription #NoToRacism. If another disturbance occurs in the next two years, then individual will have to count on another penalty, in which case the team will not be able to sell tickets to their fans for the next game away from home. UEFA also ordered Ferencvaros to contact Slovan Bratislava within 30 days and pay for the damages caused by the fans.

Slovan was already sanctioned by the organization, and the Slovaks had to pay 78,000 euros because of their fans.

After the defeat at home, the Hungarian champions won 4-1 at Slovan last Wednesday, bringing them to the third round of BL qualifiers, where they will face Karabagh of Azerbaijan. Fradi played the first match, Wednesday, as a guest of the Azeris, and it ended in a 1-1 draw, and the return match will be held next Tuesday in Groupama Arena. We wrote more about his team, which is constantly at the main table in the Azerbaijan International Cup series, earlier in this article.

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