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France will take back all migrants crossing the English Channel

In a two-and-a-half-page official letter to Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson politely warned France’s head of state that France, as president of the European Union from January, should make EU commitment status a priority. To smuggle migrants into practice. He writes a Franceinfo.

Referring to readmission agreements between the European Union, Russia and Belarus, the British Prime Minister urged the French presidency to conclude a similar agreement with the United Kingdom that would allow the island nation to return migrants from any EU country.

Boris Johnson Macron calls for stronger French efforts to combat illegal immigrationSource: Agence France-Presse / Hana McKay

However, as long as this can be achieved, the British Prime Minister is proposing that Britain and France conclude a bilateral agreement without delay that would allow the immediate return of migrants crossing the English Channel to France.

As justification, the British Prime Minister mentioned the abolition of the tragic crossings and the responsibility of France and the European Union in a joint effort to do so. According to Johnson, If there is a systematic return of immigrants, France will help make it clear that it is not worth starting.

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