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Fraudulent devices are banned in India

This will avoid a large part of fraud in the local version of PUBG Mobile.

Scammers and the damage they cause have always been present in online games, so a large portion of the developers didn’t really know what to do. The interconnection between different platforms has further complicated the situation, and we recently wrote that Halo console players will actually get rid of scams on PC, and now we can report another drastic move by the developer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India maker Krafton noted that days are short In an Instagram postThat the devices of players who commit fraud will also be banned in the future, this measure simply cannot be circumvented, because creating a completely new user account will not be enough, as those involved will have to (theoretically) have another device account to rejoin the game. While this is not an impossible task, moreover, certain tricks against the strict method will certainly appear here as well, but the decision is likely to significantly reduce the number of online scammers, at least in the country (and in the game above). Inside.

Completely disabling a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) involved in a scam is a rather serious step, which many have not yet resorted to. However, the case is not entirely unprecedented, with Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant, among others, reaching out to this tool, as it already depends daily on your Facebook post. 16 million Players participate in interactive fun.

We will see how the company’s decision will resonate, and in a few weeks (maybe months) we can draw more serious conclusions about the number of scammers and possible changes in it.

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