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Frequent hoarseness or a sensation in the throat: why is it important to see a specialist? – health

Phonology is a specialized area of ​​otolaryngology that deals with disorders of voice formation, speech, and hearing.

In the investigation of some problems, a general otolaryngological examination is not sufficient, and an acoustic examination is required to find out the cause. Dr. Valeria Hulbert Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Voice, A Ear, Nose and Throat Center His doctor told me what kind of complaints these are.

Speaking can help with that

Al-Winter is also an ear, nose and throat specialist, so he also deals with the examination and treatment of general ENT diseases. This means that patients can also experience earache, sore throat, and sinusitis.

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However, in addition to otolaryngology, Al-Wonther has a deeper knowledge of disorders of voice formation, the function of the vocal cords, and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of problems of the sound-producing organs. The specialist works closely with other medical specialties, such as neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics, oral surgery, and many non-medical specialties, such as linguistics, phonetics, speech therapy, and phonetics.

With such problems, it is worth resorting to a sound meter

A sound check is recommended in all cases where there is any sound problem. The most common of these is hoarseness, especially if it has been going on for a long time, and the investigation may not have yielded any results as to the root cause.

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for the sound production problem It can be indicated, for example, by a long-acting boom, or if our voice is too loud or too deep. This can also indicate that we are not using our voice correctly, not according to the anatomical features of the sound-producing organ, which can cause rapid voice fatigue, frequent hoarseness and sore throat. This is really a problem if someone talks a lot because of their work. Therefore, the first step to achieving a perfect voice is always the phonemic examination, with which we can filter out any anatomical abnormalities that cause the disorder – explains Dr. Hulbert Valeria. Patients can then master correct voice training through speech therapy sessions.

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The article continues after the recommended

subscriber Thyroid problems, whose treatment in many cases requires a surgical solution. The vocal cord nerve can be damaged during thyroid surgery, but in other neck surgery, vocal cord paralysis can occur. It is also worth consulting a voice expert regarding neck surgeries, because with voice therapy and proper breathing management exercises, there is a lot that can be done to improve speech.
If the snoring is caused by weakness in certain muscles in the throat, then speech exercises can help to enhance the strength of the weak muscles, thus treating snoring as well. After the phonemic examination, the speech therapist will help you compose a set of customized exercises.

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very common problem Throat palpitations. If you feel a painless lump or swelling in your throat, a sound examination is warranted, which can be used to check the movement of the vocal cords with a stromaloscope, but the specialist can also detect underlying causes such as possible pharyngitis. Back wall running, reflux, or even neck muscle strain due to improper manner of speaking or stress.

Proper use and relaxation of the throat muscles and vocal cords can be learned with the help of speech and voice therapy, so this can also be helpful in failing to feel dumplings. Symptoms should not be ignored either, as difficulty swallowing or a fungus can be a sign of a tumor.

These diseases may be behind the feeling of fungi in the throat

Shortness of breath in the throat can draw attention to a serious problem, which was detailed by an otolaryngologist.

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