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From now on, Donetsk People’s Square is 1. The official address of the US Embassy in Moscow

The space in front of the buildings of the US Embassy in Moscow was called the “Donetsk People’s Republic”. The According to It did not have a name at all until now, since it is basically an intersection between Konyuskovskaya Street and Bolaya Gyevyatinskaya Street.

The decision is official, according to the website of the Moscow Mayor’s Office. In addition to the popular Donetsk arena, there were two more versions that received fewer votes, so the defenders of the Donbass and Vladimir Zuga, the champion of the arena of Russia, did not rise to the competition. Separatist battlefield commander Vladimir Tsuga died in March 2022 in the fight for Volnova.

Russian anti-US activists examine political convictions at the US Embassy in Moscow on June 10, 2022

Photo: Maxim Blinov/Sputnik via AFP

Earlier, there were also reports that the area in front of the German embassy can be called the “People’s Republic” in Luhansk in the Russian capital.

In recent months, several Western capitals, such as Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Tirana and Oslo, have given names indicating the heroism of Ukrainians in the public places where Russian embassies are.

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