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From now on, we can also build Good Friends’ premium sites

We can no longer just like the screen Good friendsIn the super apartment Monica lives in or what Kiko Chandler and Joey look like up close. LEGO launched LEGO sets for popular locations in the series, so we can build our favorite scenes ourselves. In the collection of 2,048 items, we can see Monica and Rachel, as well as Chandler and Joey’s New York apartment, among others – and of course the corridor that connects the apartments.

After the success of the Central Perk set presented at LEGO IDEAS 2019, LEGO with exclusive details Good Friends Apartments With the set, moments can be remembered, such as when Monica pulled a Thanksgiving turkey over her head, when the only Joy and Chandler furniture was a canoe, or the famous scene when the Phoebe doll house caught fire.

The set also includes many other accessories: a pusher, scary Phoebe artwork, Gladys, a cheesecake on the floor, a white dog figurine in Joy and Chandler’s apartment, or a chick and duck as a pet. Thanks to the collection, fans can also enjoy the original filming location along with the studio lights, and they also have the option to separate or connect the two apartments using the hallway. The collection also includes new minifigures that depict all the team members in their memorable outfits for the series, such as Ross’ skinny leather pants.

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