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From Pain Wrote a Song: Balázs Pali Mourning

Sad tragedy inspired Balázs Pali’s new song and video: The singer mourns his friend.

Sad tragedy inspired Balázs Pali’s new song and video: The singer mourns his friend.

There is a situation in life when there are no other words. When there is only one song you can tell us all the painful feelings. A memorial song to express the pain.

Balázs Bali Sadnes. He says goodbye to his old friend, a distinguished colleague early in his career.

the past

Bali met Kasabi Berkey for the first time at the age of 21 in a nightclub. They played together for many years in the city and then on Lake Balaton, and also traveled to the far north, Norway.

We united our dreams and desires, the harmony between us was very strong. We had countless experiences and successes in common thanks to music. The musician said.

Then my life has taken a big turn since then Go to BudapestHe gained national fame and the old friend remained in his hometown. However, their friendship and human respect for each other remained throughout. They met often Despite this, they always continued where they left off earlier.

Of course, Bali knew that too Not all is well with your friend’s health. He tried to preserve himself and heal himself by cycling. Expedition “wheel of hope” shoot her. Last summer, the star even went on a bike ride with him for a full day.
I had a great time with him on a picnic together. Previous big stories came in line, we laughed a lot.

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Csaba Berki © Photo: Tamás

Then something happened on the way back…

“This has never happened to me before The musician says sadly. “When we went back, all of a sudden my whole body started goosebumps and my eyes filled with tears. I didn’t even understand what it was… as if I felt it. Our last trip togetherBut I didn’t dare tell him, I tried to keep my feelings to myself. Unfortunately, months later, my hunch was confirmed when the news came Dangerous disease defeated my friend. “

Bali wrote his pain in a song

“I have lost a great friend and capital, a true good man who is bare-hearted, and always smiling, not only me, but I believe that everyone in his environment loves and respects him. I would like to preserve your memory wellThat’s why the memorial song was born. In our hometown, I filmed in Piquescape Add a video clip. I rode the “Wheel of Hope” trails again by bike, but unfortunately only on my own…”