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FSR comes with Radeon Super Resolution

More and more gamers are showing up with their DLSS challenge, as AMD offers the second such solution. FidelityFX Super Resolution, or FSR, was introduced last summer, and its biggest strength is that it can be used with almost any card, even NVIDIA.

Radeon Super Resolution will join FSR in the first quarter, which uses essentially the same algorithm as its predecessor, but eliminates a major flaw from it (and similar solutions): there’s no need to wait for developers to integrate it into their games. AMD promises that we’ll be able to run on basically any software.

There are downsides to this: on the one hand, we will definitely need an AMD card for this, and on the other hand, RSR will process the image afterwards, and not during rendering, so perhaps it will not be as effective as FSR, and in principle slight errors in the image may occur.

By the way, the feature will come with the new and renamed version of Radeon Software, AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition, which includes AMD Link 5.0 and AMD Privacy View Security – the latter uses a webcam to track where we’re looking and only displays the image crystal clear there.

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