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FTC: Cherchesov sends a message to unmotivated players – video

a single In his video he showed how Stanislav Cherchesov spent the first day in Ferencvaros. The new coach of the defending champion NB I also spoke about team spirit, lack of motivation and supporters.

Stanislav Cherchesov once again emphasized the importance of team spirit and work (Photo:

Previously, it was a file single An excerpt from an extensive interview with the Russian coach has already been read, and this time the details of his first day at the FTC have been revealed. Cherchesov responded that his predecessor, Peter Stoeger, repeatedly stated that footballers did not have enough motivation.


“If a player is not interested in his job, I don’t know what to do with it. You have to be interested in what you do because if you have it, you will be constantly motivated. There is no motive without attention. If a player does not have enough motivation to do his job, the club president may not have enough motivation to pay his salary…” – Tell.

“I watched some good matches with Freddy last week and there were some matches that I liked but there were some that didn’t. I do not want to single out anyone because we are not talking about chess, but about team play. In this team, everyone has to want one, and they have to fight for a common goal. “A player can only be really good if the team is. So team spirit is very important.”

Then he touched on the close-ups facing both Individual and the masses.

“We want to be champions, this is not a problem as we want to be in the Champions League again next year. I know this is a very difficult task, but the first step in doing that is defending the title. I’ve seen in recent games that they haven’t been fully married, but I’m sure a lot of work will pay off, and not only will the results come, the printers will be back on the field.”

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