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FTC: It’s time for you to respect me too – Serhiy Rebrev

Serhiy Rebrov, coach of the football team Ferencvaros, gave a controversial interview in the Ukrainian media, telling him what he was telling Gabor Kubatov and where he envisioned his future.

Ferencvaros’ coach, Serhiy Rebrov, gave a contradictory interview in the Ukrainian media (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)


He was interviewed by Ukrainian media, Serhiy Rebrov. Ferencváros’ head coach tried pouring clear water into the cup, and after months of listening, he tried Talk at length to the site about the situation around him. There was a lot of talk in the interview, such as the foreman, it would be amazing if he remains the head coach of Ferencvaros after that.

The press interview began with the suggestion that the club president, Gabor Kubatov recently mentioned Sirhi Rebrov On February 10, he announced through his agent that he did not intend to continue working at Ferencváros.

Every medal has two sides – Started coach of Ukrainian leader Fradi. – I listened for a long time, I didn’t want to make a statement, out of respect for my contract with the club. But it is time for me to speak up, because the situation now is unsustainable. So… After disagreeing on the transfer policy in some details at the beginning of the year, we sat down with Gabor Kubatov. I felt that with two league titles, a Europa League appearance, and a Champions League group stage, I deserve a lot of respect to be asked for my opinion before a new footballer is approved. The President assured me that no one can be justified without asking me. Soon, another footballer whom I saw for the first time entered the locker room … Then it happened that through my agent Sándor Varga I said that I did not want to continue working under these conditions. “

To the contrary, he contradicted himself (National Sports knows, moreover, that he resigned in writing to Ferencváros) as follows:

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“It wasn’t about breaking the contract and leaving. I asked the club leaders to discuss everything. The fans kept stopping in the street and asking, ‘Sirhi, why are you leaving the club here?'”

According to the 46-year-old coach, there are disagreements in every association, and these issues can and should be resolved head-on in a constructive manner. But despite waiting for him for four months, no joint talks with the leaders have taken place since then. As we wrote in our Wednesday issue, Rebrov emphasized in this interview that he is one of the straightforward people who wanted, and even wanted, to work at Ferencváros. According to what we wrote, he admitted that he received “indisputable” offers in the summer, but for the sake of the Hungarian hero, he canceled all offers, saying that they feel good in Budapest, his wife and young children love the city, and for him the happiness of his family is more important.

“I did not regret staying in Ferencváros at that time Serhiy Rebrov continued. –Mutual respect between managers, coaches and players comes first. But … I feel that the current situation does not suit me. I have been working here for three years and I will always be grateful to the Ferencváros leaders for voting for me and for the Hungarian fans who have supported me in everything. But it’s time for you to respect me too! I wasn’t even thinking of leaving Individual, I respect and love the club. I am still coach of Ferencváros, and I intend to appear in Budapest on June 8, according to the original plan. Of course, I also know that the club’s sporting director has informed the coaches and footballers that they will have to get together in the locker room as early as the 4th of June.

Also discussed were the Greek bid AEK Athens, the English interest of Tottenham Hotspur, and the remarkable bid of Al Ain in the UAE.

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I did not negotiate with anyone! It’s no secret, a lot of people were interested in me, but I answered everyone, I have a valid contract with Ferencváros. We can only talk about a common future if it stops.”

Ferencvaros did not wish to comment on the article.