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FTC: Serhy Rebrov will stay at the club

While the news is swirling about more and more candidates for coaches, Ukrainian coach Ferencvaros Serhiy Rebrov envisions his next year in Ülli út as well.

According to information from Ukraine, club leaders are not discussing continuing with Serhiy Rebrov (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)


Days ago, we’d read nothing more than who could be Sirhi Rebrov’s successor on the small bench of Ferencvaros. The names of Russian Murat Musaev and Italian Eusebio Di Francesco have also been mentioned in the press, but you can hear and read that the Italian world star Roberto Donadoni was discussing with the leaders of the Greens and Whites in Budapest. Austrian colleagues on Thursday confirmed the news of Ferencváros’s agreement with Peter Stoger, head coach of Austria Vienna, whose contract expires in the summer. The contract of the 55-year-old Austrian specialist could be subjective if the tracks of the Hungarian championship team and their current coach Serhi Rebrov were separated. The Ukrainian specialist is in Kiev these days with his family, relaxing at home from fatigue in the long and difficult season. His contract is valid until 2022, and in a press conference after the last league match, he beat Honfed 2-1, he said: “… with me last month. I don’t know the reason, but it’s not normal.”

Serhi Rybrov said several times before he felt good in Ferencváros, his family loved him, he fell in love with Budapest. His two youngsters, Nikita and Oleksander, enjoy kindergarten and everyday life in Hungary, and in addition to the career of the Ukrainian coach, the happiness of his family is no less important. We know that if it depends on him, he will remain the head coach of Frenkvaros and fill his contract, which is valid for another year, and he will try to get fourth place after the three championship titles, and will finish the group stage with his squad in a World Cup. According to information from Ukraine, his biggest problem is that the club’s leaders do not negotiate with him about continuing, that is, they do not ask for his opinion on summer preparations or certificates.

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So, days ago, the training topic was a topic in the Hungarian and international press, so it became more and more interesting how this is received in Ferencváros, and when the expert expects to return to Budapest, we asked the club, and we got the usual answer from the Greens and Whites, which is “FTC does not comment.” On the transfer rumors, she is only publishing the facts on the club’s official communication interface, “