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FTC wins the Continental Cup – Hope remains –

FTC-Telekom beat Latvia Olympia Riga 3-1 in the third round of the second round of the Continental Hockey Cup on Sunday, leaving them with little chance of reaching the top eight, but in the evening it turned out that he could not live with him. That, and eventually finished third in his group.


The Greens and Whites can only advance if Sokol Kiev does not win in regular time the final match of the tournament (Photo: FTC Hockey, Facebook)

Riga came to the tournament as the frontrunner, however, while Ukrainian Sokol defeated Kiev with a good match, the Estonian team Tartu Valk 494 led by the army had difficulty defeating. The Hungarian champion beat the Estonians smoothly on Friday, but was knocked out of Kiev the next day.

The Hungarians did not manage to beat Latvia by at least four goals: although the center was still 3-0 in the 57th minute, and before that the Franciscans could attack in a double human advantage for the fourth strike, barely two goals before the end, Rigans fired Finally the goal that, as it turns out, made it theirs.

According to the announcement, in the case of the three-round round, a small table is decided against each other on the basis of which the goal difference is arranged, and after the final score 3-1, Ryjak was in this indicator with +1, Szokil with 0, and the FTC with -1. Fradi was only able to advance if Tartu was able to steal a point from Sokel to surprise in the evening game, but the Kiev team eventually imposed the paper format smoothly – they won 9-4, so after the incredible excitement, Olympique entered Riga in November until the qualifying round Last.

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The quartet’s first-place finisher will be among the eight, with one tournament taking place in Krakow and the other in Aalborg on November 19-21. The first two of these will advance to the last four on January 7-9.

Continental Cup
Group C, to reach 8
Round 3

FTC-TELEKOM – OLIMP RIGA (Easy) 3-1 (1–0, 0–0, 2–1)
Tuskecsarnok, 602
view. Fifth: Dehaen (French), Zrnic (Slovenian), D. Konc (Slovak), Music.
ARANY G. – Boros, Kärmeniemi / McFadden, Seregély / Sarcia, Hegyi Á. / Bán – Tóth A., NAGY G. 1, Fowlie (1) / Kóger D., TAMMINEN 1 (1), SOMOGYI B. 1 (1) / Pavuk, Hajós, Tóth Gergő / Roczanov, Farkas S., Galántai. Fitness Trainer: Szabolex Fodor
BRUEVICS – Apsitis, Popov / Pujacs (1), Weight / Kostyuk, Jansons – REDLIHS (1), Sprukts, Tambijevs / Lejnieks, Adelsons, BRAHMANIS 1 / Grinbergs, Mezaraups, Kirsons / Zantmans, Kornilovs, Priede. Fitness Trainer: Maxim Sirokov
Gate shots: 36-27.
Objective – Human Advantage:
4/0, sick. 6/1
master balance sheet
Czabolex Fodor:
“We were very close to moving on, to perform a miracle like two years ago. At three zeros we could attack five against three, with four zeros we were sure of our lead, unfortunately we couldn’t take advantage. I might be happier tomorrow, and more disappointed Now, but overall it’s still huge what the guys put on the ice against such a strong team, the stable Group A champion.

In another group match
Sokol Kiev (Ukraine) – Tartu Valk 494 (Estonian) 9-4
(4–0, 4–2, 1-2)

The end result of the group: 1. Olymp Riga 6 points (10-7) *, 2. Szokol Kiev 6 (14-9), 3. FTC 6 (12-6), 4. Tartu 0

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* The same score, in the case of a three-way tie, a small table against each other, including the goal difference. The group leaders advanced to the final qualifying round on November 19-21.