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Fucsovics played so much that Djokovic eventually hugged him

Martin Vosovic The world leader remained in a fierce three-match match on Tuesday Novak Djokovic Compared to the second round of the men’s tennis tournament in Paris, with a total prize money of 3 million euros (1 billion HUF).

Vosovic, who participated on Monday in the first round in three matches for the Italian Fabio Foninette Outperforming, not starting the match well, playing boring tennis specifically and losing his serve quickly, the Serbian, who played his first singles match since losing the US Open final in September, took the world lead 3-0. In the sequel, the player from Nyíregyháza became a little more focused, but continued to deteriorate several times, and at 2:5 lost his serve match again, thus also putting the group in 38 minutes, MTI wrote in its report.

The second act didn’t start to cheer either, as the Hungarian athlete seemed to shiver again in the first organ game, Djokovic got a break ball, but Fucsovics managed to turn it over, then took his opponent’s server. The break advantage clearly reassured the 29-year-old Hungarian tennis player, who served excellently in the jump and confidently made his stakes to nothing at 5:4, and tied in 40 minutes.

The third set started better than before from a Hungarian point of view, as Fukowicz made his first match on the organ, then won his first two serve points at Djokovic at 1:1.

However, from here, the Serb changed his gears and not only made his own submission, but also made the next Vosovic dispatch. At the same time, the Hungarian did not give up and regained his serve (2:3), but after the rest he lost his serve again (2:4), and from there he could not return to the match, so he finally lost after two hours of playing.

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Round 2

Novak Djokovic (Serbian, 1st) – Marton Voxovic 6:2, 4:6, 6:3

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