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Fur 0-8 match and TV were destroyed by the technical staff

In 2007, he was elected Federal Captain of the Year, and today Peter Farhedi coaches the kids in Nagykanizsa, with whom Újpest, now fighting against relegation, won his last NB I gold medal in 23 years. The coach talked about many of his special experiences without bricks Origin, Among other things, one of the most disgusting matches of Hungarian football, 0-8 against the Serbs.

Peter Farhedi now works at Nagykanizsa (Photo: Origo/Sándor Csudai)


Újpest won the championship in the 1997-1998 season under your leadership. More than two decades. Újpest is now fighting relegation – the truth has been reported orego website With Peter Farhedi.

“We had a very good team at that time, with at least four league titles in that company The specialist replied. – It wasn’t until 1998 that everything collapsed. We even won championships as an association, and then came the transformation, the birth of economic companies. After the 1998 gold medal, Úpest was changed so that the previous main sponsor came out, and we weren’t taking a penny. My heart aches so much for this team. I grew up there, connected to everything terrible going on with current Úpest. It’s always boring to talk about the 1998 gold medal.”

In 2007, Varhedi was named Coach of the Year by Hungarian journalists. That year, we beat the world champions the Italian national team at the Puskás Arena, then the Fed captain. But after being replaced at MLSZ in 2008 and replaced by Dutchman Erwin Koeman, he could no longer work with any big team.

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“We don’t need it anymore in NB I, and I don’t really feel like working in NB II anymore. I’ve been there enough, I’ve seen what happens, not for the coach who believes in work and nice football. After 2007, only Unmoved old coaches, such as Josef Jarami in MTK, Herczeg in Debrecen, or János Csank. Others, including myself, gradually faded into the background. But if you told me in 2007 this was happening to me, I couldn’t believe it. The Italians – be it a friendly match – will remain an eternal experience.There is a commentator on Sports TV congratulating you on it to this day. You can laugh about this, but since then the Hungarian national team has not won a match against the current world champion. But it must also be admitted that the Italians did not come to Budapest in August at the height of their peak. They thought they were shooting a goal then that far. They just didn’t expect me to have extra motivation for the team and me. By that time, I was already commenting a lot about Italian matches on TV, and I knew all the competitors’ players.”

The master also spoke about the fact that almost everyone knew him as Újpest at this time, and this did not help him, nor did he benefit from being a regular expert in Sports 1.

“Debrecen’s owner, Gábor Szima, said they would choose between two coaches, one of the candidates is Várhidi, but I definitely wouldn’t be a DVSC coach because I said bad things about them on TV. For me, watching TV ruined my coaching career. But I don’t have a problem with That too. At that time, many club owners called the TV every week to see what we imagined. Everyone there was wrong, Teppi Nilasi, Paul Sani, Sombori, Farhedi. We’ve all lost a favor in the eyes of the owners.”

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He was also asked if, in retrospect, he was intentionally spotted by his players.

Of course, the 0-8 fur match against the Serbian national team was like this. That match cost me my career. I didn’t know about fur. Anu, I was in the police, and they were interrogated. I told you everything I had about him. At the end of the investigation I asked the police officer what they knew. He pulled out a large file that had a lot of material in it. The police knew everything, and I knew nothing. The joke about everything is that I shouldn’t have been on the bench for this game because I wasn’t the coach of that team. I think it was a pre-planned thing they wanted to do. By then, Erwin Koeman was a Fed leader, and he didn’t like the fact that I was there in the MLSZ, it would have bothered him that his predecessor was sitting around his neck.”

“There have been those who have apologized since then – He completed. – And someone saw him and ran in the opposite direction. Lest they look me in the eye.”

They played 0-8 . match
Ádám Bogdán – Zoltán Kiss, Richárd Guzmics, Ádám Pintér, Dániel Völgyi – dám Vass – Gábor Demjén, Attila Filkor, László Zsidai, Péter Szakály – Róbert Fec

As reported on May 15thVárhidi, now working in Nagykanizsa, started a football school in Miklós Zrínyi – János Bolyai Primary School.