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Gabby Toth showed her true face, and people were almost shocked

Gaby Toth has done something that not all Hungarian stars will be able to do.

Gabe Toth is a very talented singer, but in recent months the press has been in the news not because of her songs, but because of her scandals, because many people do not like the fact that she “suddenly” changed her style and almost began to act as a “tiger or a Christian in an old Hungarian costume”. According to the celebrity, ideas of popular music and religion have always been close to him, so he doesn’t understand why people are so obsessed with him – of course, his critics don’t care about Gabby Toth’s interpretations, and he’s been under constant attack ever since.

Gaby Toth commented the entire country in just two sentences

Gaby Toth commented the entire country in just two sentences

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Of course, Gabi Tóth also has a lot of fans who faithfully stick to her even during the toughest times. And the singer is more focused on the positive, because she does not want to leave malicious, sometimes unpleasant notes in her soul.

Recently, Gabi Tóth again received huge support from her followers, who did something really brave, showing herself without makeup on her social media page.

“You might think this #nomakeup story is a trivial topic..while to this day I still get messages saying, ‘peeeeersze, because you only dare expose yourself in full makeup’ and others…I’m way past it..why don’t I dare show you But I really love makeup and it amazes me how much you can get rid of your face with some tricks!As a mom, I love doing makeup so much, because it’s not the most important thing besides Hanika on everyone should put what they want and show their readiness and not make it We have fun each other at this time Hard when there is enough visco … I still believe in people, I love beauty, it is nice to see beautiful girls, because I do not feel bad about other people’s beauty and harmony! I especially enjoy seeing harmonious and happy people! No button is turned inside of me In a negative sense when I see someone fitter and more beautiful than me.. I appreciate my talents and am grateful for all my flaws in my body.. I’ve worked with them. I see pretty much all people who beautifully reflect goodness and love…”

– Gabe Toth wrote for the post.

The real celebrity’s face surprised many, but based on the comments, her followers generally think that by nature she is very beautiful, so it does not matter if she wears makeup or not. Not many people dared accept what Gabby Toth did, so he definitely deserves credit, whether we like him or not.

Here you can see a photo of Gabi Tóth with and without makeup:

Cover photo: Profimedia

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