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Gabi Tóth is already expecting a re-arrangement due to her new song

The singer can no longer be surprised, she almost sees the cruel and offensive publications in front of her, but she is moving her way forward.

Usually, it is Gabe Toth who gets the most attacks from singers. Many have stigmatized him as his homeland, which some do not consider sincere or his faith.

All this cannot be easy, especially in terms of how much he gets, because he just wants to innovate and transfer the special energies and ideas of people. He is still making something similar to his new song which will premiere on Duna TV.

“Tomorrow you and everyone else can finally see and listen to the new song. I will first sing in Good to Be Good on Duna TV, then the video will come out.” Gabi started his long career Instagram the side.

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“May you find a way into the souls of the people, in this difficult situation of an epidemic, and yet it will be the fourth Sunday of Advent in a wonderful period, we will light a candle of love.”

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