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Gábor Bochkor and exe become enemies for life

Although it was said months ago that Gabor had someone, he denied it. However, his girlfriend broke the silence a few days ago and appeared in public. hot! Find out why Retro Radio host kept his little sweetheart a secret!

Although it was said for months that Gabor had someone, he denied it. However, a few days ago, his girlfriend broke the silence and appeared in public. hot! Find out why Retro Radio host kept his little sweetheart a secret!

In recent months, it has become almost a secret that Gabor has a pretty 31-year-old brunette beauty as his girlfriend. But only his close friends knew he had met him on Survivor Dr. It’s about Demeter Alexandra.

A couple of years ago, only on Christmas, this acquaintance got much more serious. They were both on their own, after the breakup

An acquaintance of Sandra, who requested that her name be withheld, said.

I love Szandi Gábor with passion © Bors

“They met once or twice a week, and their relationship actually happened between the four walls. They did not go anywhere until they were not seen. At first, Gabor told Szandra that he didn’t want to know what was between them, however There has been a lot of discussion about this over timeHowever, as the months went by, the radio still said no to taking over each other in public.

They had nothing to say to each other anymore

From the very first moment, Alexandra liked the radio she was on Within a few weeks he fell in love with the ear. Gabor was also interested in him, but according to insiders, he played with open cards from the start, and he did not believe the girl.

Szandi passionately loved her and did everything for her, he listened to all his desires, for example, Gabor jokingly greeted on Women’s Day, which in turn was always mild. However, he owes so much to Sandy that after breaking up with Andy, in part, he helped him tackle one of the biggest breaks in his life. However, the chemistry between them just wasn’t enough to stay together. Later Gabor had previously told Sandra that he never wanted to meet him.

And at the moment, there is such a huge gap between them that I don’t think they will talk to each other for long.

For more details on confidential communication, see Hot! From the latest issue of the magazine.

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