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Gabor Dani: If I have to explain after the results, we live in a very strange world

You may have known this before Gabor Danny As of summer he will be coach of Siófok’s handball team, but he is expected to finish the current season with Győr first.

This was not the case, as Gyor faced a major defeat before the Federal Trade Commission, the biggest domestic competitor, and the administration decided to bid farewell to Danny.

“Certainly, my tenure in Gyr ended soon and strangely. Of course, after ten years, I wanted to say goodbye and finish my work in Gyr with honesty and honor, but I do not have to justify it, especially not explaining why it happened.

However, I want to clarify one thing: Everyone has the right to decide whether I am a good or a bad coach, but to leave with my head down while some try to appoint me as a fallen coach, I ask myself. If I had to make it clear, after the work done and the results achieved, that we live in a very strange world and a very strange medium where this is appreciated.

Danny said To National Sports Online.

The coach denied reports about the deterioration of his relationship with the players, and he feels that this is confirmed by the results, as the team suffered only two defeats in three seasons and remained unbeaten at the international level.

“We knocked out Siofok once, Ferencvaros once in the league, we were completely defeated twice and the opponent rightly won in both matches. But pause: If this is the norm and the result of defeat, by giving the person his way practically within five minutes, then I don’t think I have to explain something or ashamed of something. “

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Danny has been with the team at Gyor since 2011, first as a second coach and then as a head coach since 2018, and last fall he had an idea that he wanted to switch and try himself with another team.

“Months ago, I decided not to work for the club anymore because I wanted to renew. Obviously, it also played a role in my decision that with the president of the Gyur Association, With Kasaba Bertha We were thinking differently about several things. Of course, there is no sense in the event that there is a difference of opinion between the superior and the subordinate, in which case the subordinate must leave and find another place.

It should be said that, as far as possible, to work fairly for the rest of the time – for me, my work is now a month earlier than planned. For a moment, there was no doubt on my part that I had to take responsibility for the defeat in front of myself, but professional analysis is not here at the right time and time.

Looking back at the past three seasons, the coach said he would change some things later on because he feels there was a real team work going on where everyone had their own job. He admits that he also made a mistake during the defeat to Siofok and Fradi, but he still signs that he leads Gyor in 117 matches in three seasons, and he will only lose two of them.

Danny’s successor Ambrose Martin Became with who The team won the Hungary Cup, And prepares for the BL final, Final Four in Budapest. On the other hand, Danny is already focusing on the national team’s training camp and his future work in Siofok, and says he doesn’t want to say goodbye to his acquaintances and friends in Gyor, just to say goodbye.

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