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Gabor Kimenesi: We are making a fast way to infectious diseases

communicate interestthat mankind does not realize how much our world has grown, and what networks of communication connect the most remote and neglected areas,

Serves as a huge highway for infectious diseases.

It also indicates that the number of human cases and outbreaks of the smallpox virus has been steadily increasing since the 1970s. The expert also says we are in a better position compared to Covid-19. “Smallpox virus is already known, we have a number of distinguished experts and research teams and therefore some scientific knowledge. There is also useful knowledge from African epidemics and previous cases. The vaccine is also available because the smallpox vaccine protects against other smallpox viruses against smallpox, it has already started in Britain to reduce the chain of Current transmission of infection,” the researcher said, but scientists are also concerned. This is because smallpox, which is typical of Africa, is spreading this time in a completely new environment.

The main concern at present is the incomplete knowledge of distribution chains and mode of transmission

Kemenesi points out. He predicts that “the epidemiological investigation is underway, and the first viral genomic data has been received, but as long as not all infected and all contacts are identified, we can expect more cases.”

Gabor Kiminesi about that too Irishwhether we should be afraid of being caught and also give advice on what we can do personally against epidemics.

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