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Gabor Maros recovered and reconciled with his wife

“I was hospitalized in August, but fortunately I wasn’t in the hospital much.” I was really scared because my left side wasn’t moving. I tried in vain, my hands and feet did not work, besides, I could not speak. The actor told our magazine, who owes his prompt and professional care to his recovery. “I’m fine, no symptoms left.” I speak correctly, I can walk, there is no greater gift for me. Health is the most important And though I’ve always known this, the stroke made me realize how fragile human life is.

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The artist had previously told our newspaper that their relationship with his wife, Marika, had gone awry, but they seem to have settled their lines.

– This is a very sensitive topic, but everything is fine. We discussed what we need and again, everything is as before. My wife and I are together again, but I don’t want to say more than that,” he said.

The actor and his lover met on a blind date in 2013 and got married in 2018. The couple were going through tough times as they struggled with financial problems for a long time as the actor’s pension was so low that they were barely able to get out of it. However, the issue was resolved last year, as Gabor Maros managed to sell his house, so he was assured that he could give Marika everything that she did not have the opportunity to do in difficult times.

“My situation deteriorated seven years ago, I was given fewer and fewer roles in the new theater, then I don’t know why, and I still don’t know why.” Meanwhile, I was standing there with the huge house, from my pension of 66,000 forints, could barely run into overhead. Although I sold my five room, Makovich style with pool at Christmas, I couldn’t sell it. No shame: I was miserable, living on bread and tea and growing fruit in the garden. Then last year I finally managed to sell the house so everything changed! I no longer have to look longingly into the store to see what to buy! Since then, Maricam has received a minivan, garden furniture, a dishwasher, and the happiness to pamper yourself – Gabor Maros told our newspaper earlier.

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