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Gabriela Spanik did it with Timi Gelencsér in Budapest that many couldn’t believe their eyes – VIDEO

Gabriela Spanic visited Budapest for Dancing with the Stars, and she also had time to make a very interesting video with Tímea Gelencsér.

The uncrowned queen of soap operas, Gabriela Spanik, started as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars last year, but recently appeared as a jury member, she also “punished” her former dance partner Andrei Mangra, who previously said she would pay special attention to Andre’s performance.

Could Andy Toth fear Gabriella Spanik's revenge?

Could Andy Toth fear Gabriella Spanik’s revenge?

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Gabriela Spanic also spent some time with Tímea Gelencsér in Budapest, and the young presenter didn’t get Paula and Paulina star to do anything: they made a TikTok video together that was already viewed on the platform by over 200,000 people – so the two were a huge hit. Celebrity production.

You can see in the surprising recording that Gabriela Spanic is in a merry way, and that Timi Gelencsér is very happy to be able to catch a bird with her – which is not surprising, since Gabriela Spanic is a real-world star whose face is known almost everywhere.

Here you can watch the dance of Gabriela Spanic and Tímea Gelencsér:

Tweet embed Check out the dance floor on Tv2 Play at 6pm Gaby and I had a day in Budapest. Of course we did #is yours # sick Do it – Visa
Timi Gelencsér finally showed off his new boyfriend - photoTimi Gelencsér finally showed off his new boyfriend - photo

Timi Gelencsér finally showed off his new boyfriend – photo

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Cover photo: Gabriela Spanic / (screenshot)

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