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Gabriela Spanik reveals who she spends all her free minutes with in Budapest

He keeps a secret about how long he’s been in Hungary, but Gabriela Spanik was happy to talk about why he insisted his father, who had recovered from the illness, be by his side every minute.

A few days ago, it turned out that the star of Latin American Telenovelas, Gabriela Spanik, had visited Hungary again. He arrived again this year for a show titled Dancing with the Stars. “I’ve been working a lot since we haven’t met. I rested for a month after Dancing with the Stars, and then shot a new six-month telenovela called If They Leave Us. I went to Big Brother, where I signed up a few days ago. I’m not sad anyway, because I managed From traveling to Budapest on the spot, ” pepperson.

Source: Gabriela Spanic / Instagram

The newspaper asked the actress how long she plans to stay in Hungary, but they received only a vague answer. It’s still in the making, so she doesn’t know, Gabriella Spanik just said. He had not arrived alone now, bringing with him his young son, Gabriel, and his father, who had had many health problems recently. My dad and I traveled here, and I am very happy to spend all the free minutes together. Fortunately, your health is now fine. He was a very strong man, a Marine. He swims a lot and walks a lot. He is 73 years old. Hope we can spend a lot of time together! Gabriella Spanic said.

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