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Gabriella Spanik lies under the knife

Gabriella Spanik has changed a lot since we last saw her on Dancing With the Stars. Now he has revealed the secret of his amazing personality.

The Venezuelan actress was put under the knife right after the end of Dancing with the Stars. It removes excess fat and loose skin from his body. Gabriella Spanik openly spoke about the secret of her new figure and her 59 cm waist in a video that was shown on her social site.

“The skin of women over forty no longer sticks to the body, it is a natural aging process that can no longer be improved with training, only aesthetic intervention helps. The sagging parts were removed and I also had a tummy tuck,” the 48-year-old actress listed.

Spanik also said he had to pay close attention to himself after the surgery. For two months, she had to wear a wide belt tightly wrapped around her body, but she also supports her body to heal as quickly as possible using various creams and laser treatments.

“All the procedures I’ve gone through have been very painful, but I’m happy with my new body. I understand the pain.” The actress smiled.

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