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Game Boy games added to Nintendo Switch

Classic titles will soon be added to the online subscription package.

Services that provide classic creations, as well as additional functions to support the mobile field, have recently become increasingly popular among console manufacturers. We recently wrote that the Xbox will also be expanded with Android apps, and now Nintendo will provide earlier improvements.

external Resources You mentioned that Nintendo was making something like this, i.e. Online switch For subscriptions that cover a significant portion of Switch Console users. As a result, users with the above subscription will be able to experience classic games originally released for the Game Boy as well as Game Boy Color, similar to what they are used to with the NES and Super NES bundles. The latter has been available for years, with the two devices mentioned above now in the line.

We don’t yet know exactly when, in what form and with what initial offering the new service will be available, but if we start from existing examples, the move will likely lead to a prolonged incremental expansion, i.e. only a few in the first round. We will be able to try something, and the show will be completed very slowly with more copies. It’s worth noting in this regard that the NES demo was launched in September 2018, and the Super NES debuted for a year, and while no such step was taken last year, it was certainly due to the onset of the pandemic. In the first case, there were only 20 games in the bundle initially, and it’s now expanded to 70, so there’s a good chance this example will be followed in the new demo as well.

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As for the games themselves, Pokemon and Super Mario Land will certainly play an important role, but we can also hope to support other creations like Metroid II as well as The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.