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Games for EA’s ex-VP team on the go

Embark, founded by former EA Vice President Patrick Soderlund, is celebrating its third birthday this year. The studio linked the celebration with the flash of some of its already announced and unannounced projects.

Since November 2018, we have been reporting that former EA Vice President Patrick Soderlund has founded his own studio. Embark’s goal is to dream of future-proof technologies where AI can run many manual processes during development. The studio hasn’t been visibly fertile in the past three years. Although in 2019, someone has already advanced case reportAnd one last year with anotherThey wrote about both their first game, which they started last year, and their second project, but they haven’t shown much interest yet.

So far, the studio is celebrating its third birthday this year, as their first game, codenamed Pioneer, can finally be seen in a jiffy, but on the go, as a surprise, they’ve also pulled the cover of their second work, Discover. The former promises to be a shooter adventure from an open world perspective, while the latter will be a PvP-based shooter.

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