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Gareth Bale can qualify for the English second division – click

You can continue your career in Cardiff City, the home of the English Football League Second Division, in Gareth Bale, Wales.

Gareth Bale to Cardiff from Madrid (Photo: AFP)

The extremist team’s management confirmed to the BBC that they are also in talks with the Welsh squad.

According to press reports, Bale’s managers also belong to other clubs, as several European and American federations have reported in recent weeks. One of those was Getafe in Madrid, but Bale had already ruled out that possibility.

The striker previously confirmed that he definitely wants to be in the game to be in good shape for the World Cup.

Bale’s contract expires at the end of June with Real Madrid, who have won 19 titles in the past nine years, including a record five in the Champions League. However, due to a string of injuries, his performance did not live up to expectations – it was the world’s most expensive transfer at the time, and the Spanish Guard paid €100.8m to Tottenham Hotspur for it – and his relationship with the increasingly critical crowd has deteriorated.

The 32-year-old striker was born in Cardiff and uses a joint training ground with the city’s soccer team, which finished 18th season in the 24-team tournament. The national team that reached the World Cup finals in Qatar will also play their home matches most often in the guard court, with Bale playing the role of the main man and captain of the national team.

Wales were the last player in Europe to reach the World Cup finals again this year after 64 years, with England, the United States and Iran in Group B in the Qatar tournament that began on November 21.

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