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Gasly was fastest in the rainy third free practice ahead of Verstappen in Turkey

Before the third free practice, the promised rain arrived, and at the start of training, as it was the day before yesterday, the runners weren’t snooping at the end of the pit lane, but as Laurent Mikis admitted on Sky, everyone had to make friends because of the danger of the rainy timer.

The first swallow was Pierre Gasly, who started drying the track with blue rain tires 8 minutes into the FP3 start, which was quickly followed by teammate Juki Konuda.

A few minutes later, McLaren, Haas, Aston Martin and Ferrari also joined the fun, with Lando Norris leading on the rain tire ahead of Sainz and Leclerc.

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However, last year’s snowboarding had no effect: although the rain washed away yesterday’s rubber coating, the pre-treatment of water jets for the track had an effect and everyone was happy with the conditions.

Once the rain stopped, the green medium tires soon appeared, and Carlos Sainz took the lead with interest ahead of Ricciardo and Norris.

However, with the emergence of interests, the first mistakes came: first, Pierre Gasly, and then Nikita Mazepin rotated the back straight, but both were able to continue training.

However, this cannot be said of George Russell: The Williams Briton made a turn at the exit of Turn Two on his first measured lap, and his car got stuck in the gravel bed, so he had to abandon the FP3 immediately.

After a short period of red flags, FP3 continued, with the Red Bulls paying their respects for the first time on the track and Max Verstappen taking the lead immediately giving Hamilton more than a second to take his first lap.

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However, Turn 9 proved difficult for the pilots, despite the good conditions: first Verstappen, then Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc showed a 360-degree spin.

In the 15th minute of the match, Sergio Perez made the lead, and Pierre Gasly took the lead. In the final moments, Verstappen came out on a calculated lap, but despite his first strip of purple, he couldn’t even get past his former teammate.

Behind Verstappen, teammate Sergio Perez finished third, and finished third last year in the rainy time trial as well. The Red Bulls were followed by two Ferraris and two “olds” in Alonso Raikkonen, respectively.

Juki Konuda could have come close to the front lines, but after his best showing, he was stopped by Sergio Perez, who also apologized to Mexico for his mistake.

Lewis Hamilton only did five laps in the entire training session, and he didn’t even run a measurable time, finishing only 18th in the final practice ahead of Williams.

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