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Gáspár Evelin and Virág with the handsome couple: so we haven’t seen them together yet – the Hungarian star

Jaspar Evelyn And jaspar flower They both live in a happy relationship. Although they have uploaded a photo with their partner multiple times, we have never seen them in a foursome before.

On May 7, 2022, the ice broke, sisters and their handsome loved ones gathered together at Budapest International Airport. They didn’t get together for anything, so they called Pia Gaspard and Giuseo Gaspard, with whom they would be away for a good few weeks.

Gaspar Evelyn and Flower Gaspar with their peers

As we wrote, Victory and Everyone is Mrs. Biya He is one of the eight star couples who tried themselves in the third season of Asia Express. their daughters with their beloved, with Attila And with Krisztian They were taken to the airport, where they all gathered for a rare photo.

Pia Gaspar and Jiuzu on May 7, 2022 with their daughters and counterparts at Budapest International Airport.

Photo: Facebook / Gáspár Győz

The photo is special not only because we not only saw Jasper Evelyn and Faraj in a joint shot with the suitors, but also because Pia Gaspar told Life TV in December 2021 about it. On his show with Peter Hajji, he concluded that the two girls are not well because of the boys.

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Then he betrayed all his desires for a joint family vacation with his future children and son-in-law, but he did not see much opportunity for this.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the two girls being on the same level to feel, yeah, to me she’s my brother, to me, whatever you say, even my sister, whatever she says, is still my sister.” and that the boys next to the two girls should not induce my daughter to nurse–she told me then why she did not see possible family leave.

In addition to the joint photo, Bea Gáspár also posted a video on Instagram about the moments before the departure. There was no sign of tension in the recording. Evelyn Gaspar — who finished fourth on season two of Asian Express with her uncle Zsolt Gáspár — said she expected such a performance from her parents, while her sister laughed approvingly. You can watch the video by clicking on the white arrow in the right corner.

Jaspar Evelyn’s luxury home

Gáspár gave Evelyn an insight into his new home on his Instagram page. First of all, he showed the kitchen of the apartment to his followers, and this room had already revealed, that they had moved into a real luxurious love nest with his sweetheart, handsome Attila.