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Gáspár Evelin in a bikini bombshell: this is how I set out to sunbathe – local star

Jaspar Evelyn She basked in the sun in a black bikini: The 28-year-old celebrity figure looked perfect in the two-piece she sunbathed on.

The eldest daughter of Gaspar Giuzzo has been struggling with weight problems since her teenage years, and for a long time she fought a grind battle with kilograms. He tried many diets, sometimes he fell on the other side of the horse, made his body suffer and hardly ate.

Gáspár Evelin in a black bikini

Thanks to a conscious change in lifestyle in recent years and the fact that she has incorporated sports into her daily life, she has lost extra weight and has been able to maintain her slim figure. It also gave him a big boost In the spring of 2021, complete Survivorhe lost a lot of weight during the show, and judging by his photos, the pounds he lost there haven’t come back since then.

Those who follow her on Instagram know that she does a lot for her bombshell look. He regularly posts training stories on his page. Every day starts in the gym: he lifts weights, hardens and runs. And hard work pays off, in her last photos she was as skinny as a supermodel.

Gaspard Evelyn and her partner’s luxury home

Evelin Gáspár gave some glimpses of his new home on his Instagram page. She first shows her followers the apartment kitchen, this room already revealing that she and her lover, the handsome Attila, have moved into a true luxury love nest.

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