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Gáspár Evelin was hot on her 28th birthday: She wore a sexy but elegant ensemble – a Hungarian star

Jaspar Evelyn He celebrated his 28th birthday on June 15th. This shiny day was significant to her in many ways: Not only did she toast a year older than her, but she and her partner celebrated their first anniversary on that day.

The distinguished event requires special clothing. Gáspár’s eldest daughter Győző chose the perfect ensemble: a short, silky suit made her look chic, high-heeled sandals and a cut-out top were boiling hot.

Gaspar Evelyn birthday

They had dinner with his family and lover in a restaurant full of checking and of course they took a picture together. Everyone looked great in the photo, Pia Gaspar wore a strappy black lace dress and Gáspár Virág showed off her sexy side. After losing more than 20 lbs His slender figure is accentuated by a white floral top.

The former did not forget to thank her eldest daughter on her Instagram page as well. Mrs. Bea stunned the Christmas party with a video montage and sentimental streaks.

“I thought it was 28 years ago, but 20 years ago I still didn’t know that the best decision in my life would be to introduce you into the world at such a young age! Everything is fine with you! You are a sure point in my life! You form an opinion, I learned it, I agree with it Always, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes!28 years together!- Male in entry.

Gáspár Evelin and his partner in joint photos

Gáspár Evelin and his partner are proof that, if fate brings the right person together at the right time, they can form a great love. In our photo collection, you can check out his joint photos with Attila, which fans say get along very well.

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