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Gáspár Győz returns home to Hungary after 4 weeks, not prepared for what he’s got at home

Four weeks is plenty of time.

Gyozo Gaspar and Pia Gaspar returned to Hungary from a four-week shoot, and were greeted with an unexpected surprise at home that they might not have been prepared for. The couple returned home from Jordan to the family nest where they were photographed here The latest stage of TV2 Asia ExpressWhich will now be the third in a row.

Many were surprised that the star couple said yes to the invitation, but it seems that they stood firm on the tape. However, they had to get out of their comfort zone completely and thus stand in an unfamiliar environment, accompanied by huge surprises.

Of course, we’ll only see on screen the adventures and tribulations they went through during the show, but when they got home, it was a huge surprise, and a video of her was even shot on Bea’s Instagram page these days.

Their cute pet simply did not recognize them when they first saw the owners. So it seems that after 4 weeks, both parties were completely surprised by the big meeting. Who is in this and who is in reaction?

You can also watch the unexpected reactions in the video:

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Cover photo: TV2 Play

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